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Sonic Unexpected Adventure EP:8 Sneak peak

2012-12-06 09:41:10 by superhyperturbosonic

Guys im really sorry, I guess some of you were right, I make an episode a year... Its wierd how every time i make a episode, I get an Unexpected event in my life.... which changes everything, Well this event was the most beautyful yet... How ever im going to finish episode 8 asap Please note I only have weekends to work on it, and this episode is going to be the biggest of them all.... so please bare with me.... I hope I havant lost any of my fans.... and that you all are still here if so then you guys are amazeing...

Screen shot below is a sneak peak of episode 8

hope to read all your comments soon :)

Take care Ya'all :)

Sonic Unexpected Adventure EP:8 Sneak peak


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